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Where did charm bracelets originate?  No on knows for sure.  The demand for charms or amulets existed in ancient society, and date back to 500BC.  The charms were made of natural gems or rocks (such as lapis or quartz) that were carved with designs of animals or their gods.  The amulets were believed to have supernatural powers, protecting the wearer from harm, or bring luck and love.

In the late 1800’s Queen Victoria set the style with her elaborate gems and jewelry.  She chose to wear a charm bracelet with photos of family members in little lockets.

Demand grew again in the early years of the 20th century.  Soldiers that traveled during WWII would bring little gifts and trinkets home to their loved ones.  These were worn on charm or memory bracelets.  This trend extended many decades, up into the 1970’s.  It was a mark of society to give a young girl a charm bracelet before she reached age 13 (or puberty).  Each special event, anniversary, birthday or holiday a new charm was given as a gift, usually by the person that gave the girl the original bracelet.  The charms represented the girls hobbies, special interests, likes and dislikes.   They were gold or silver, enameled in color or plain, three-dimensional or flat.  The more variety one had, the more interesting the bracelet.

Today charm bracelets have come of age.  They are living history lessons.  Each charm tells a story.   And they make wonderful, romantic, sentimental gifts that are truly priceless when handed down from generation to generation.  Many women will take a charm off their bracelet and wear it as a pendant for a special event, replacing it with another charm as their mood changes.  Charms have become the gift of choice for many due to their flexibility and the large array of choices!  And as new charms are added to a bracelet, new stories are told.

We invite you to start your story or begin a new one today!