October Ohm Releases ~ Hauntingly Cute!

Dirty Magic Ohm Beads

October releases, sneak peek! Preorder now!  First up, Ohm Dirty Magic. If you purchase the cauldron, you get one random dangle, we don’t choose it, it is packaged by Ohm.  Loving this cauldron!  Round and dirty it serves its purpose as intended. Are you a witch or a cook? Or are you a witchy cook? Using a recipe? Creating as you go? Put what you wish, add whatever feels right, stir, stir, stir some more, voila, the magic concoction you brewed within is done. Enjoy the consequences! This bead will come with ONE dangle, in a unique box. The dangles are the quill, eye, mandrake, hock, shroom, sweep or magic. Click here to view all the Dirty Magic Beads.


Ohm mummy

This mummy is, pardon the pun, to die for! How cute???? And Medusa, with that hair, those eyes, the stone-turning glare… eek!  The detail is almost too realistic.  Good thing we can turn invisible and she can’t see us, or wait, that is not us, we don’t have super powers, BUT the invisible man, he should be safe from the likes of Medusa!  If you love all things Halloween, you must have these!  Click here to browse the new Halloween character beads.


Ohm Rotten Heart Bead

Rotten Heart.  At the beginning of time, there was love. Since then spiritual leaders, doctors, and healers have tried to find it. They searched our bodies, operating on our hearts to find any trace of love inside. If love indeed resided inside human hearts, someone would have surely located it by now. But love wasn’t inside the heart, it endured after the heart was long gone. True love is eternal and does not stop when our heart stops. One day decay and rot will take everything that we think of as ourselves away. But the most important thing will stay, as long as there is another to carry our memory in the unbroken chain of humanity. Love does not end with death. Death does not end the connection of our souls to one another. There is more to the story! One day your heart will stop beating, and that will be the end of your body. But your true love will live on. Click here to view the Rotten Heart.


Ohm Dirty Spacers

Everyone needs a little space now and then, even our beads. The newest spacers from Ohm add style to your favorite collection of bead charms.  Click here to view all of these.


Halloween Gold and Silver Jewelry

We can’t forget, with Halloween around the corner, some of us love golden treats. Browse our selection of gold and silver traditional charms, as well as our bead charms, by clicking here.  Don’t forget, the FFSAVE code gives you 10% off our items.



FFSAVE:  10% OFF    |  Buy5Ohm:  Buy 5 Get one Ohm Free




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For nearly a decade, Generous Gems has been assisting clients with finding just the right way to show they care. From the birth of a new child to a special birthday, or 50th anniversary, we have an extensive collection of fine jewelry ranging from colored diamonds to gold and silver charms. With new styles added frequently, we welcome new clients and look forward to helping them for years to come.

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