Bead Lovers, Don’t Miss these NEW Releases!


Baby argh ohm bead

OHM-MY-GOSH Ohm did it again! We are loving these new beads. From Baby Argh, to the unicorny glass, how cute?  And the detail on the Yellowstone collection is fantastic.  For all our park lovers, you must have these! Don’t forget code BUY5OHM works, buy 5 and get the 6th free. Click here to view the Baby Argh bead.


unicorny ohm bead

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. If you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn. Whether you think you are the last unicorn, or the first, know that you are not alone in this UNIverse. No bead is exactly the same; No human is a copy of another. We are all unicorns, unique and special. Embrace your unique unicorn-y self and OHM into the universe with your special song! #BeUnicorny. Click here to view the unicorny bead.


yellowstone bead charms

In celebration of the first National Park in the U.S., OHM wants to capture the essence of a visit to this vast swath of land set aside and preserved for generations to come. Touring Yellowstone National Park will leave you inspired. Look left, look right, an abundance of wildlife is everywhere. Wild coyotes hunting in the early afternoon. Enormous bison by the dozen are slowly meandering while they graze, blocking traffic from time to time. It is not uncommon to see a moose showing off its gorgeously massive horns for everyone to see. Click here to view new Ohm beads.


rings by ohm

Loving these rings by Ohm.  From typo to a cassette and so many other styles, browse the newest collection by Ohm beads.  Click here to view these rings.


Ohm Chi Chi Sticks

That’s right, you can personalize this chi chi sticks from Ohm.  This is an extra-big 10-stick version of the June 2016 Bead of the Month. It is only available via custom order. Each stick will be custom engraved with 7-8 characters. Click here to special order yours.


Travel beads

Don’t forget, we have the best collection of travel beads. Use code FFSAVE to get 10% off our Reller bead charms.  Click here to view these styles.


Buy5Ohm, use this code to get one free Ohm bead when you buy 5



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For nearly a decade, Generous Gems has been assisting clients with finding just the right way to show they care. From the birth of a new child to a special birthday, or 50th anniversary, we have an extensive collection of fine jewelry ranging from colored diamonds to gold and silver charms. With new styles added frequently, we welcome new clients and look forward to helping them for years to come.

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