OHM March Bead of the Month and NEW Releases


Bunny Reaper

Bunny Reaper is here!  Ohm’s March BOTM.  Complete with a hood and a carrot, this grim rabbit has a look to him you are sure to love. Only 555 were made. Each bunny comes with a certificate of authenticity. Pre-order now, before this is sold out. Shipping on 3/1. Click here to pre-order.


Sterling Silver Ohm Canning Jar Bead Charm.   What a great Jar Bead!!  If you’re lucky enough as I am to have a mom that sends you home with canned food every time you visit, you know how special this bead is to me!  Every Fall my mom spends days, more likely weeks, canning. There is nothing better than my homemade veggie soup chock full of Mom’s tomatoes.  Whole, natural foods are trending again, maybe they never went out of style. Click here to buy this bead charm.


Dirty Laundry Clip

Dirty Laundry.  Featuring a shirt, pants, socks and even underwear, the pinned up  clip-on safety chain is now in a dirty finish. How cute is this?  With this safety chain, you don’t need to remove all the beads from your bracelet just clip them on both sides of the clasp. Click here to pre-order.


Woodstock Bead Charms


Loving this focal bead!  This limited edition item includes the main Woodstock focal charm that can be worn on bracelet or a ball necklace, it also comes with a random Woodstock charm in blind box. Packaged in craft Woodstock box with mini booklet / certificate of authenticity there are only 1969 of these made.  Click here to view the focal bead and the Woodstock dangles.

  Ohm Woodstock Beads





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For nearly a decade, Generous Gems has been assisting clients with finding just the right way to show they care. From the birth of a new child to a special birthday, or 50th anniversary, we have an extensive collection of fine jewelry ranging from colored diamonds to gold and silver charms. With new styles added frequently, we welcome new clients and look forward to helping them for years to come.

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