OHM New Releases for February are Here! LOVE THESE!!!


 NEW from Ohm, those birds they set free from last year’s LOVE CAGE have come back with friends in different finishes, REGULAR, COPPER, 14K GOLD, DIRTY, BRASS AND BLUSH.  We love this birdie so much, we’ve put it in front of our very own engraveable heart.  If you love somebody, set them free. If you love something, let it go.  Love is like an exotic bird that lives inside a pretty cage but doesn’t sing in captivity. Let the bird go to experience its beauty, its meaning, its true love.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE this Ohm birdie.  Click here to purchase your very own birdie.


Sometimes, it takes just the right word to get a point across.  Ohm beads newest focal beads are solid beads that work on both bracelets or Ohm ball necklaces. The words are readable from both sides: PRAY, LIVE, F#@K, HOPE, LOVE.  Click here to view these new focal beads. ————-

Poised to take the open road, the attention to detail in this Grand Prix bead is fantastic and one of the things that sets Ohm beads apart from other lines.  Click here to add this to your collection of bead charms. ————-

Another new release from Ohm, the wheelchair bead. A symbol of remembrance or hope for a lost one, perseverance and ingenuity of the human desire to help others live happy and successful lives. Click here to view this bead charm.

Source: OHM New Releases for February are Here! LOVE THESE!!!


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For nearly a decade, Generous Gems has been assisting clients with finding just the right way to show they care. From the birth of a new child to a special birthday, or 50th anniversary, we have an extensive collection of fine jewelry ranging from colored diamonds to gold and silver charms. With new styles added frequently, we welcome new clients and look forward to helping them for years to come.

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