Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It truly is a time for family to come together and be thankful for what we have. It brings the kids home from school, friends from far, little ones running around and all we have to do is cook the dinner, snacks and dessert. HAHA!! But if you are lucky enough to spend this holiday with the people that mean so much it is all worth it.


Each of the 599 beads will be serialized and engraved with an individual code. Mini certificate of authenticity with the number in the series will be included. If you’ve been collecting the Ohm BOTM bead charms, you know most sell out in pre-order, before the release dates. This bead will be no exception…. we recommend grabbing one for yourself, and maybe as a gift, because when it’s gone… it’s gone.

Pictured above with the packaging, this is scented in lilac. Why lilac?  Well it’s part of the recipe of course….

Turkey Platter 2015, 3nd Edition


– 1 Turkey Platter

1 Tom Turkey

2 Hipster Hops

2 Bacon

1 Lilac Memories

Nuts and Berries to Taste


-Brine Tom with hipster hops rosemary and thyme overnight

-Preheat conventional oven to 555

-Drain Tom. Pat dry. Place on rack.

Fill cavity with nuts & berries, wrap in bacon dress with lilac memories. Bake with love 24 hours, or until fully oxidized.

-Let stand 30 minutes. Place on Turkey Platter.

-Serve with Blackbird Pie, Dangling Wieners,

Assaulted Pretzels and Mulled Cider and Cold Milk.

-Carve and enjoy.


Source: Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.


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For nearly a decade, Generous Gems has been assisting clients with finding just the right way to show they care. From the birth of a new child to a special birthday, or 50th anniversary, we have an extensive collection of fine jewelry ranging from colored diamonds to gold and silver charms. With new styles added frequently, we welcome new clients and look forward to helping them for years to come.

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