Deadhead Pumpkin…. And a Sneak Peek…. Zhombies are Coming…

It’s here…… ready for pre-order. Ohm BOTM ~ Deadhead Pumpkin Bead. Get yours now, it is shipping October 1, 2015.  Only 747 made, each bead will be serialized and engraved with an individual code. Mini certificate of authenticity with the number in the series will be includedHauntingly detailed bead is too cute to pass up. Made of sterling silver, and in the quality Ohm bead collectors have come to expect, this is a must have. With intricate designs, often seen on Day of the Dead sugar skulls, this jack o’ lantern is oozing with style and personality.If you’ve been collecting the Ohm BOTM bead charms, you know most sell out in pre-order, before the release dates. This bead will be no exception…. we recommend grabbing one for yourself, and maybe as a gift, because when it’s gone… it’s gone.




We just love a SNEAK PEEK…… we can’t give away all our secrets, but these zOHMbies are coming soon…. they can ship 10/1 with the deadhead pumpkin.  From zombie pub crawls to TV marathons, the dead are everywhere! And now they can be on your bead charm bracelet.  So ugly, they are cute! These have us shaking in our boots….

AAH015 Chase Skinner: Typically we like a man with more brains than braun, this this has gone too far. This guy certainly isn’t afraid of being called a braniac. Chase Skinner works as a sommelier at a plasma bar in Belltown, Seattle, WA. He enjoys a good Pinot, Decappuccinos, Cinnamon Buns, jumping bones, and wearing ties. #ChaseThis

AAH016 Lucy Lifeless: With her jaws agape, this chatterbox is talking up a storm. No one told Lucy she was supposed to be lifeless. Lucy Lifeless prefers things cold and stiff. She owns the I-Scream shop on Capitol Hill in Seattle. She loves kitties, eating out, and Chase, the love of her death. #IKilledLucy

AAH017 Killer Kitty: zOHMbies are scary enough, but throw a four-legged fiend into the mix, and your heart is bound to start racing. I’ve always been fearful when a black cat crosses my path… but what about this killer kitty, it can’t be a good sign! This kitty is a true Killer. Just ask Chase. She would be a devoted companion to anyone who agrees to love her forever. She enjoys severed toe on a string. Hairballs must be removed manually once a month from an opening in her ribcage. #ZombiePuzzy

AAH018 Decappuccino:The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms….. are taking over my cappuccino! It will be a scary day when even the coffee is bad! Remove head. Scoop brain. Serve with hot foam. Maggots optional. Sip slowly. Enjoy! #CoffeeAddictsRejoice

AAH019 Vicious Vapors: Laziness is the secret to progress! Worry no more. With Vicious Vapors in hand you no longer have to do that thing. Just open the bottle and count one, two, three! #SmellsLikeZombieSpirit That smell… thank goodness no one has invented smell-o-vision yet. I love a good zombie show, and while Sunday dinner has long been cleared before the dead enter my living room, the thought of rotting… well, zombies… is enough to curb any leftover appetite. Vicious vapors, indeed. One wiff and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

AAH020 Flesh Tenderizer: Beat any flesh with ease! This super advanced model of Flesh Tenderizer will easily make any muscle mass as tender as steamed lobes or crock pot brains. Hungry yet? #BeatThatFlesh #BeatThat

AAH021 Plasma Juicer: Anyone up for a blood smoothie? With this T-9000 Plasma Juicer you can easily plasmafy not only a traditional Bloody Mary, but also a bubbly Bloody Lucy, Bloody Amy or – of course – the amazing thick and creamy Bloody Madonna. Possibilities are endless! Plasma Juicer is arm power regulated. Use at your own risk. #BloodyMaryMaker

AAH022 Body Slicer: This itty-bitty little Body Slicer is perfect for all those small jobs. Flesh-peeler, hide-skinner, bone-separator, any-part-detacher, poker, and multiplier. Perfect tool for the hunt and the meal. For the Ohmie on the go. #UseMeHoweverYouLike #JustUseMe


Source: Deadhead Pumpkin…. And a Sneak Peek…. Zhombies are Coming…


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