Airboats…. not just for gator chasing…

In Ohio, near the lake, it’s ice fishing season.  Shanties are setup out past the piers and between the Lake Erie Islands.  This is an image from a google search of the Middle Bass Island area, it may not be a a recent photo… but this is a common view this time of year. I try, at least once a season, to let my kids see the shanties when the ice sets in.  Milder winters have made these views less and less… until last year.   And this year, the fishermen are coming back… ice is solid, never safe, but solid.

It’s always fun to see the air boats taking off.  And while these aren’t swamp boats headed out to spot gators, they loud roar sounds like adventure.  Perch and walleye lurking below, ready to be make a fisherman’s day.

If you are near an icy spot, even if you have no plans to dig in and do it yourself, check out the fisherman…. drive by a local pier, chat up a few locals near the frozen waters of lakes and ponds, I’m sure they’ll have stories to tell!  #fishing #thisiswholesome


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