A Dolphin is not a Dolphin?



Dolphin. I quickly envision the bottlenose variety, doing tricks at an aquarium show. Bouncing balls and nodding at trainers.  How fun it would be to swim with the dolphins… but there are other dolphins… sure, they are cute, but they will not be doing tricks anytime soon.

Mahi-Mahi or the common dolphinfish is also known as a dorado.  One of the fastest growing fish, these are prized by saltwater fisherman (and women).  With their iridescent blue pectoral fins, these are easily distinguished from other species.

Whether you like to fish the warm waters of the ocean and Gulf of Mexico, or just love the look of these beautiful sea faring fish, next time someone is talking about “dolphins” or swimming with the dolphins, ask them if they mean the fish or the marine mammal.  Then impress them with your knowledge of the dorado, mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish. You never know when you’ll need this knowledge in a game of skill such as trivia.  -Beth


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