From Turkeys to Christmas Tunes…

Leftovers are still in my refrigerator. Will make a delicious turkey soup, some turkey salad and probably a pot pie or something.  Turkey is true comfort food.  And, almost like magic, as soon as Thanksgiving ended, the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher, I was ready for Christmas.
Maybe I wasn’t, but my three children were.  Sure, shade of ambers, reds and greens still don my dining room table, but my 16yo is definitely in the “holiday” spirit. Lights are on the mantle, and the talking Christmas tree her Nana conveniently let her bring home is ready to be plugged in. The tree is one of those motion sensor trees, the kind that is supposed to only go off when someone walks by, but shutting a cabinet door, or the dog in the vicinity, seems to trigger an endless string of “JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS” all day long. The tree is unplugged, every chance I get.

Holiday music also rings through the iPad.  Right now, we’re enjoying Pentatonix:

We were lucky enough to have Pentatonix come and perform with our High School group last year.  Not only are they extremely talented, wonderful performers, they are super nice and personable. They brought some of our High School students up on stage with them. For our kids, from this town of less than 7,000– what a treat!  So if you need a new mix in between your TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) music, give them a listen.   As a side note, my local High School also brought in Mark Wood, a founding member of TSO, for his “Electrify Your Strings” program.  The video below tells a little bit about the program and includes some of Mark’s playing.  As a lover of the arts and music, we hope your holidays are full of laughter, joy and the sound of music…    -Beth


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