Peace, Love and Harmony on Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving eve. The calm before the storm of family and friends.  While there is nothing better than visiting with family I don’t get to see very often, it can be a little much.  Not in a bad way, there is a certain soothing excitement in the chaos, but the list of “to do” seems to grow. Isn’t Thanksgiving a holiday, a time of rest and relaxation? For some of us… not so. It’s planning and prepping, even if we only do that the morning before the big feast.  Last minute plan much…?

But magically, everything seems to get done, fall into place and a great time will have been had by all when the day comes to an end.  Even amidst the gaggle of girls and boys running about, there are stolen moments of peace.  Seconds where I feel those that are gone amongst us. From my Father’s secret chip dip recipe to my grandmother’s stuffing being made by my own mother… there are moments to treasure and reflect.

And the sounds of the holidays, the laughter, the conversations, the glasses clinking, the joy in the air, it’s memories being made, stories being told, it’s what the holiday is all about.

One of the sounds of the holidays, to me, is the gentle chiming sound of “bells.”  We used to have a candle holder when I was little, it was a brassy metal color, featuring an angel.  The magic of the candles made the angels spin and they’d hit bars of metal giving off a beautiful chiming sound.  Sure, it may not have been angels actually “talking” to me, but it was a sound I connected with spiritual, magical, peaceful moments.  And to this day, there is still something soothing about the gentle sound of chimes.

Lucky for me, Harmony ball has captured that sound.  Their gentle chime has been called the sound of angels.  Bringing peace and tranquility to wearers of all ages, when we hold these in our hands we can’t help but shake them. Over, and over.  The sound is mesmerizing.  It’s soothing, not grating.  Even the smooth feel of the Harmony balls seems to bring about a little stress relief.  And unlike the magical bells of Santa that only children can hear (according to many stories and legends) harmony balls can be heard by all. Happy holidays to everyone… and may the sounds of peace, love and joy surround you.


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