Santa’s Elves are Sock Monkeys… Named George?


It’s not Thanksgiving yet. And my list of things to be thankful for seems to grow by the minute. But as soon as the stores start decorating for Christmas and the local radio stations begin the endless loop of Frosty the Snowman, my holiday spirit starts to tingle.

In my house, we have a tradition, it’s not the Elf on the Shelf, but very close. My youngest child, I should note he’s 10) started writing letters and receiving responses from “George the Elf,” years ago. George usually leaves a response letter along with candy or some trinket. As you can imaging, my 10yo still believes in George, or at least has George convinced he does…. I think it may be a ploy just to get little gifts and candy, but what do I know.
So how does one send a letter, daily, to the North Pole? Via a note that must be burnt and the ashes magically disperse and make it to George, the Elf. Oh, side note, George looks like a monkey, a sock monkey to be specific. But he wears a green sparkly belt and jingle bells. How do we know this is George (the elf responsible for the gifts/treats) because he sits on our mantle and as soon as night comes, he magically moves about the house. He’s not like those pesky Elf on the Shelf fellas, he doesn’t cause disarray, he leaves thoughtful notes, tips for my 10yo and treats.

Step 1, write letter to George the Elf. Step 2, let an adult burn the letter, safely, so it gets to the North Pole. Step 3, check the house in morning to see if George wrote back. Step 4…. follow George’s instructions to do go, and be good.

I do not write the notes, nor do I leave the treats, but I’m pretty sure I know how George does it and what other “elves” help him. I love that my children still believe in the magic of Christmas, or at least the magical spirit of giving and the thankfulness that comes with receiving. May their holiday spirits continue to grow and may they always keep the magic alive… in themselves and for others.

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