Same but eaten…. Thanksgiving is coming!

After Dinner Bead

Thanksgiving is coming??? I thought I had one more week.  Somehow when the clocks were set back I set a whole week back.  It can’t possibly be the end of the month already.    I am still thinking I have a full week to prep for Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Not so…. better make a list and check it twice this weekend.

And the turkey, can’t forget the turkey.   Heck, I’d be happy with turkey and mashed potatoes.  And that’s it. Nice, warm, rich, comfort food. Oh, wait…. and gravy.  Have to have that with the potatoes.  And cranberry salad.  And tomato pudding.  And celery stuffed with blue cheese. And pie, pumpkin pie. Whip cream, can’ t forget that.  And drinks, sparkling grape juice for sure, even the kids can have that and an olive tray and…. I’m stuffed just thinking about it.

Adding this little guy to my bead collection, why?  Because it brings back that after the dinner, resting in the living room feeling.  Sterling Silver Same but Eaten Turkey Thanksgiving Limited Edition Ohm Bead Charm.  Same Same, but Eaten….. Same platter, same family, same love ….. but with a little extra tryptophan in our systems. I think there might still be a bite or two left. We’re stuffed! This bead is universally compatible with most bead charm bracelets. A fun way to mix and match your designer styles. The sterling silver is .925, not plated or bonded.  Love this bead, love Thanksgiving!

Would love to know what delicious recipes your family serves every year. I’m sure they vary by region, and culture. Comment your favorite holiday recipes to us, we’d love to share them!

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