Generous Gems is Blogging!

For our very first blog ever… what exactly are Earring Jackets?

Earring jackets give new life to your favorite studs! Go ahead, take them out out of your jewelry box, and show them off in style! Add a pair of hoops, or silver dangles. You’ll be surprised the compliments you get!

How do jackets work? Take your favorite pair of gold, gemstone, pearl or diamond studs, put them through the loop at the top, then put the back on. And tada… NEW look you’ll love!

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Puppies, Because We All Need a Smile

Lots of things make us smile, one for sure, puppies. Today is #NationalPuppyDay so here’s a shoutout to all our furbaby lovers.  Sure, puppies may do things we don’t always like, such as chewing our favorite shoes or leaving us “presents” we really did not want. But the unconditional love they have is unmatched.  Whether […]

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March Madness? Yep!

  March Madness? No, not that kind. College acceptance madness…. YES.  Or, if basketball was your thing, you’ll like these too.  From earrings to charms and pendants, Generous Gems is your college jewelry connection. Click here to view this line. ———– If you are a basketball fan (#CLE here), check out all our new NBA […]

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I am not easily distracted… OOOHHH something pretty!

It is national goof off day. Yep, that is a thing. I am a little past my “goof” days, but I love to take a few moments, now and then, just to look at something pretty. Like, this starfish ring in our sealife collection.  It is fun to daydream of warm, tropical vacations, and perhaps plan the […]

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World Down Syndrome Day, Touching Video

Today, 3/21, is World Down Syndrome Day. I am not sure if this link will work, but the video of 50 “mum” and 50 kids, will give you, as they say, all the feels.  The love, the joy, comes through in the faces of these families.  It is worth your time to watch, to help […]

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Anchors Away… Nautical Gifts

It is officially the first day of Spring.  And while we won’t be breaking out the sandals and flip-flops just yet, we may start wearing our nautical jewelry.  And with these winds, boaters may need all the anchors they can get!   A few more weeks until March goes out like a lamb, and boat […]

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Sunflower Jewelry Spruces up Any Spring Wardrobe

  Just in time for the sun to start showing up more and more, Ohm Sunflowers is here.  Beautifully made, this is shipping April 3rd and looks beautiful on a bracelet or chain. Click here to preorder yours today. ———– Since we’re in the mood for Spring, and what follows (Summer) we thought we’d share […]

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Red Ribbons of Awareness

  Red ribbons.  They don’t get as much publicity as pink ribbons, but they mean so much to so many.  From MADD to HIV/AIDS awareness.  Raise awareness, show support, honor those lost and those battling.

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