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Earring Jackets

Earring Jackets

For our very first blog ever… what exactly are Earring Jackets?

Earring jackets give new life to your favorite studs!  Go ahead, take them out out of your jewelry box, and show them off in style!  Add a pair of hoops, or silver dangles.  You’ll be surprised the compliments you get!

How do jackets work?  Take your favorite pair of gold, gemstone, pearl or diamond studs, put them through the loop at the top, then put the back on.  And tada… NEW look you’ll love!

Keeping the Faith, Jewelry that Inspires


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Religious jewelry and gifts


In good times, and bad times, no matter what one’s faith… we all need a little extra reminder that we are not alone. Religious charms and pendants speak to our inner spirit and soul.  They can inspire us to live life to the fullest and to never take anything for granted. Just like silent prayer, they can bring comfort when nothing else can.  We invite you to click here and browse our religious charm catalog.


Angels are truly among us.  Celebrate your appreciation of all things angelic with jewelry in silver and gold. Perfect gifts for someone that has done a kind deed for you, or for yourself to celebrate your own guardian angel being near.  Click here to browse our angel jewelry.

Beads of faith are great gifts for anyone’s bead charm bracelet.  The perfect way to keep one’s faith close to them at all times. These make wonderful gifts for all ages.  Click here to view bead charms of faith.

Used by nearly every religion, prayer boxes are physical objects used to place one’s faith, hope and love. One’s prayers, wishes, and hopes.  In 14k gold, or sterling silver, prayer box charms and pendants make beautiful gifts for the hard to shop for. Click here to browse our prayer boxes.

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Monogrammed Jewelry Gifts with a Personalized Touch


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Personalized gifts are a fun way to show how much thought you really put into the gift-giving process—a one-of-a-kind item is sure to impress. Make a birthday, anniversary or graduation even more memorable with personalized, monogrammed jewelry in gold or silver.  From cufflinks for groomsmen to golden pendants, browse our online catalog here. ———————–

From travel pieces, to money clips and even items representing our fur babies, we have a large selection of jewelry.

Source: Monogrammed Jewelry Gifts with a Personalized Touch

Friday Spooktacular… Halloween Jewelry We Love


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New addition to the Teddy Scares line… earrings, just in time for the Halloween season.  The Teddy Scares were once lifeless teddy bears. When their owners outgrew them, they were discarded. With no place else to go they have made a home in a trash dump. They spend their nights having fun, going on adventures and getting into trouble. Though their personalities are all quite different, deep down these tormented teddies are all seeking the same thing: someone to love them enough to take them home.  Click here to view the Teddy Scares bead line and the new earrings.   ———————–

Whether you’re a fan of steampunk, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, or the horror genre, the Dark Shadows collection brings something a bit darker to your Ohm bracelet. Black Ruthenium plating guarantees an enduring blackened aesthetic to these silver charms. Worn on bracelets or dangled from chains these are hauntingly unique.  Click here to view this line. ———————–

In 14k yellow gold, it is hard not to fall in love with this darling charm. Styled after vintage charms, the detail is amazing.  The charm is 3d and opens.  How cute is this pumpkin charm? Long after the candy is gone, and the decorations are put away, this little charm will remind you how much fun holidays can be.

PLUS don’t forget to check our site out this weekend. Starting Saturday (10/8) through Monday (10/10) we will have select Ohm beads on sale at 25% off. These sales don’t happen very often, take advantage while you can!

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Celebrating Birthdays in Style. Gold and Silver Gifts to Cherish.


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What better way to celebrate the one you love, than by wearing their birthstone.  Our birthstone ring charms are adorable. On a chain, charm holder or dangling from a bracelet, these are adorable.  Every month is available.  Beautiful, personal gifts for birthdays or just because.


Birthdays.  We all have one.  Each one brings about different memories. From the big first birthday celebration, to sweet 16’s to reaching 30, even 40.  Who doesn’t love a birthday celebration?



When thinking about birthdays, we think about tradition.  Silhouettes in precious metals let us carry our children’s youth and spirit with us. 14k gold or sterling silver charms, personalized, creating sentimental gifts sure to be treasured a lifetime. These boy and girl charms have graced bracelets for years, classic designs you’ll find in the finest of vintage charm collections. Perhaps your grandmother or mother even had one. We love the tradition these items hold. Start a bracelet for a loved one, or add these to your charm collection and in the future, perhaps, gift them on to family members so they can pass the tradition along.


All about blue!  The color of September’s birthstone is blue. We have a beautiful selection of blue birthstone bead charms that fit your bead charm bracelet. Whether you are making an all blue bracelet, or adding a hint of color to your existing bracelet, browse our selection and find the perfect way to show your true blue colors.

Source: Celebrating Birthdays in Style. Gold and Silver Gifts to Cherish.

Fall Fave… Jewelry Trends


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From big cozy sweaters to hot cups of coffee, regular or pumpkin spice, there is something about the leaves changing across the United States, and the temperatures dropping, that is just warm and comforting.  Yellow and rose gold seem to compliment any Fall wardrobe.

Adding hoops to your layered look is stylish way to dress up darker colors.  Yellow gold makes anything pop, rose and white gold earrings bring out the warmth in even the deepest of hues. Whether you wear your hair short or long, up or down, hoops work with anything.

Excuse the pun, but this jewelry is heart-warming!  Worn choker length, or from an extra long chain, so it can hang beneath your scarf or over your trendy new poncho, there is just something sweet about a heart pendant. In hammered gold, or featuring a fancy design, we love these!              

Source: Fall Fave… Jewelry Trends

The Magical Memories Gold Charms Bring to Life


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There is something magical about the gentle sound a gold charm bracelet makes when you pull it out of your jewelry box and put it around your wrist. The charms hold memories, and family stories, tales of adventure and love.  They bring back moments in time we never want to forget.   From custom trains featuring diamonds to adorable gingerbread houses stirring up childhood holiday dreams, we have one of the largest selections of 14k gold and sterling silver charms online.  In different sizes and price ranges, these are perfect gifts for anyone of any age.


Did we mention, we are crazy for charms here??? So many to share, so many we love… hard to pick a few to showcase.  So how about some of our recent additions? We just made this Eiffel Tower with rubies and sapphires, a viking ship with diamonds, we love the gumball machine and of course this wise old owl.  Browse our catalog, find your favorites.   Or maybe your favorite piece is based on your life’s philosophy:  “dance like no one is watching.”

Source: The Magical Memories Gold Charms Bring to Life

Teal Jewelry Raises Awareness for Ovarian Cancer


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September is Month. Teal is the color used to raise awareness and show support for those battling this disease or impacted by it. Strides have been made in raising awareness, but much more can be done.  We encourage everyone to wear teal ribbons in the month of September.    From charms and pendants to commemorate remission anniversaries to pins reminding us how vulnerable we all are, whether you choose a fabric ribbon, or a more permanent one in silver or gold, the first step in battling disease is awareness and education.  Spread the word, encourage education, learn about HPV vaccines for your children and celebrate life, each and every day.


be free

be educated

be aware

be alive

be a winner

be a friend

be a survivor

be persistent

be yourself

be someone’s anchor in the storm



Source: Teal Jewelry Raises Awareness for Ovarian Cancer

Victorian Bracelet Slides


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Victorian Bracelet Slides are a combination of design, Diamonds and Precious Gemstones.  Their detail in 14k White or Yellow Gold are crafted after the antique craftmanship.  Each bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry.   Slides make a wonderful gift for anyone!  It is a one-of-a-kind bracelet that grows with the receiver!  Slide bracelets have become traditions in many families.


Victorian Slides can be used as luxurious fashion statements or to create treasured heirlooms, passed as a living history from family member to family member.

There are many, many styles of slides.  Our slides are all designed to be worn vertically or horizontally, adding to the uniqueness of your bracelet.  Many of our designs are inspired by Victorian elegance.  Some feature more contemporary designs utilizing exotic gems such as Tanzanite and Multi Gemstones!  We have also added white gold styles so you may create a two-tone bracelet.


To collector’s, slide bracelets have always been ‘popular.’  No two bracelets are alike.



Source: Victorian Bracelet Slides

Only Gold and Silver Here — No Bronze


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Sports Jewelry

From the uneven bars to the lanes of giant Olympic pools, all eyes are on Rio as we support the men and women competing for the gold.  Whether you have a favorite athlete, are Team USA, or have become a bigger fan, we have silver, gold and white gold jewelry to commemorate your favorite athletic memories.  Forget bronze, show your spirit and pride in GOLD!

Olympic Charms

More than 8,000 athletes from around the world have met in Rio for the summer games. From archery to rugby, show your support with a display of charms representing the favorite and most popular sports and countries. According to stats, the top five spectator sports for the summer games are soccer, track and field, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics.  A charm bracelet or necklace with US flags and one of your favorite event’s sport charms makes a perfect addition to any charm bracelet.


Travel Charms

Besides celebrating your love of the games, celebrate pride in your heritage with enameled flag charms representing countries the world over.  They can be worn on chains or charm bracelets.  Combined with an athletic charm, they are the perfect start to an Olympic worthy collection.

Diamond Hoops

14k Gold Personalized Sports Charms. We have specialized sports themed charms that can be personalized with numbers and names. These charms make the special gift for you little leaguer or basketball hoops star!  They make the perfect addition to any charm bracelet or necklace chain.




Beach Days are the Best Days… Summer Jewelry


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Beach Jewelry

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”  – A. A. Milne

May you summer memories be ones that only bring a smile to your face.  From Shells, Beach Chairs to Flip flops add a charm to your necklace or bracelet to remind you have those hot days in the sun.
14k or Sterling Silver Beach Theme Charms

Mermaid Earrings

Beach days are the best days.  Toes in the warm sand, a good book to read, an ice cold beverage…. we all deserve it. Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of the waves lapping the shore.  From family vacations to getaways with the girls, celebrate memories made with gold and silver jewelry that will give you a lifetime of joy long after the sun fades from your skin.

For those with a sense of adventure and a taste for fun, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to reel in a mahi mahi or spend a weekend in salmon filled waters.  Generous Gems carries a full line of sport fishing jewelry, from rings to pendants with gemstones and enamel, while the big one may have gotten away, the memories of the hunt live on.