Generous Gems is Blogging!

For our very first blog ever… what exactly are Earring Jackets?

Earring jackets give new life to your favorite studs! Go ahead, take them out out of your jewelry box, and show them off in style! Add a pair of hoops, or silver dangles. You’ll be surprised the compliments you get!

How do jackets work? Take your favorite pair of gold, gemstone, pearl or diamond studs, put them through the loop at the top, then put the back on. And tada… NEW look you’ll love!

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Your Anchor from the Storm of Life

In white or yellow gold, this is stunning. There are no other words.  For him, or her, your anchor when life’s storms attack from all angles.   It is not always smooth sailing, but having that one person there, to hold you steadfast, it can make a difference.  Sometimes words are not enough, and a special […]

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What Earrings Work Best With my Face Shape?

What Earrings Fit My Face Shape? Just like any fashion trend, earring trends come and go. From big, bamboo style gold hoops in the 1980’s to classic love knots like your mom or grandmother wore, the styles may change but the earring basics are the same. There are a few major categories: Stud or Button […]

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NEW Beads, Pre-Order Today

  Ohm beads has done it again. A blind release where we love BOTH styles!  How cute is this? See now evil, hear no evil, speak no evil sheep bead. Available in two finishes, typical oxidation or dirty, this is a blind release. You don’t know which bead you get until you open the sealed […]

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Love Your Pet Day

Today is national love your pet day. We love our pets every day.  We love animals in general, from cats to horses and everything in between.  My gosh, how can someone not love these basset hound puppy dog eyes? Even in gold, they’ve captured our heart. No matter what you do to support animals, keep […]

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Big Luna is here! #Ohmies Check it out

    Do you remember Luna? The May 2016 Bead of the Month, only 555 created by Ohm Beads?  We loved Luna.  Well now, BIG Luna is here.  From Ohm’s larger bead collection (BBQ No. 3) this follows in the steps of Chi Chi Sticks 2.0 and Love Really Hurts. Larger, collectible beads, released for a […]

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The apple of my eye…

  There is something sweet about this little gold apple. Perfect for teachers, or even doctors, although an apple a day should keep the doctor away. This is just a cute necklace.  Petite, and pretty.  

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TGIM. No, not because Monday, because ME

  Thank goodness I’m me. Celebrate you! You are worth it, you are awesome, you are one-of-a-kind. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.  And if you are looking for a gift, for that person in your life that deserves to be celebrate, consider initial jewelry. A personal gift they’ll cherish a lifetime.

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