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Earring Jackets

Earring Jackets

For our very first blog ever… what exactly are Earring Jackets?

Earring jackets give new life to your favorite studs!  Go ahead, take them out out of your jewelry box, and show them off in style!  Add a pair of hoops, or silver dangles.  You’ll be surprised the compliments you get!

How do jackets work?  Take your favorite pair of gold, gemstone, pearl or diamond studs, put them through the loop at the top, then put the back on.  And tada… NEW look you’ll love!



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Enamel jewelry

14k gold charm

14k gold charm

Yellow gold jewelry

14k white gold necklace

Sand jewelry

Yellow gold jewelry

14k gold pendant

14k gold charm

Infinity ring

Black enamel jewelry

Enamel jewelry

Pin brooch

Enamel stackable ring

Charm jewelry

Pin jewelry

Enamel jewelry

Pin brooch

Knot Your Average Ring


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Knot Ring

Love this!  A sterling silver eight bend knot boating ring.  Can we tie this knot in real life? Not yet, but are up to the challenge. This knot is very important in both sailing and rock climbing as a method of stopping ropes from running out of retaining devices. Like the overhand knot, which will jam under strain, often requiring the rope to be cut, the figure of eight will also jam, but is usually more easily undone than the overhand knot.  We gathered this information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, we didn’t know how to describe the eight bend knot.

This ring is a great gift to commemorate your recent adventure to what most deem the top spots for climbing.  The list is debatable, and based solely on opinions found in rock climbing forums, but most agree, a trip is worth it to at least one of these states, to get some real climbing in:





Or, if you prefer the gentle breeze on your face, the sun on your back…. maybe a sailing jaunt is more your adventure style.  Depending on your choice of recreation, knots can mean many different things. In the jewelry world they often represent a bond.  A bond of love, a bond of constancy…. no matter what you interpret the knot to mean, this silver ring is a great way to showcase your love of sport, of life, of yourself, of others. It’s knot your average ring….


Same but eaten…. Thanksgiving is coming!


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After Dinner Bead

Thanksgiving is coming??? I thought I had one more week.  Somehow when the clocks were set back I set a whole week back.  It can’t possibly be the end of the month already.    I am still thinking I have a full week to prep for Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Not so…. better make a list and check it twice this weekend.

And the turkey, can’t forget the turkey.   Heck, I’d be happy with turkey and mashed potatoes.  And that’s it. Nice, warm, rich, comfort food. Oh, wait…. and gravy.  Have to have that with the potatoes.  And cranberry salad.  And tomato pudding.  And celery stuffed with blue cheese. And pie, pumpkin pie. Whip cream, can’ t forget that.  And drinks, sparkling grape juice for sure, even the kids can have that and an olive tray and…. I’m stuffed just thinking about it.

Adding this little guy to my bead collection, why?  Because it brings back that after the dinner, resting in the living room feeling.  Sterling Silver Same but Eaten Turkey Thanksgiving Limited Edition Ohm Bead Charm.  Same Same, but Eaten….. Same platter, same family, same love ….. but with a little extra tryptophan in our systems. I think there might still be a bite or two left. We’re stuffed! This bead is universally compatible with most bead charm bracelets. A fun way to mix and match your designer styles. The sterling silver is .925, not plated or bonded.  Love this bead, love Thanksgiving!

Would love to know what delicious recipes your family serves every year. I’m sure they vary by region, and culture. Comment your favorite holiday recipes to us, we’d love to share them!

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These are not my hands…. or are they?


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Redefine Hand Balm

I’m a pretty good typist. I don’t know my WPM, but it’s relatively high.  Accuracy, on the other hand, that is questionable. Thank good ness, I mean goodness, for spell check.  Every so often I have to look down at the keyboard. And I don’t see my hands, I see my grandmother’s hands, typing away, click click click. I see the dry, scaly, hands of what is surely a woman much older than myself. I’m only…… 39 again….. for Pete’s sake. Wait, who says “Pete’s sake” besides older ladies? WTH??? I’m not this old.

Nonetheless, the hands that seem to be attached to my body can’t be mine. They look like they’ve lived a life far longer than the life I’ve lived. Sure, these hands have scraped ice off of cars, and tied many a shoe, they’ve been up turkeys and inside the toilet bowl, they’ve rinsed dinner dishes and even tossed a few logs on the fire, and these nails are ready for a manicure… but the hands, they can’t be mine.

If I took a close-up photo right now, before putting on any product, you’d think you were looking at a beach, where wind and water have left lines in the sand. I would post a photo, but when I looked at the image, my hands looked older than in real life. Seriously!

So it’s time to take charge. I want my next decade to be better than my last. I want to be the best I can be. I want to feel good, look good, be good and do good. I want to treat ME the way I should be treated. And that starts with something small that I see every day… my hands.

I loved my grandmother, she was one he** of a typist, and she was beautiful, inside and out. Her hands, the lotions she used, the products she adored….. little investments she made in herself because she was worth it. I’m worth it too.  And age shield hand balm is worth it to me.

Gone, but always in my heart.

Hamsa or Chamseh are Fashionably Lucky Charms


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Hamsa Necklace by Generous Gems

A Symbol we Love to Wear…..

The hamsa, or chamseh, literally means “five” and is a hand or palm shaped amulet that’s become very popular lately. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many societies throughout history, the hamsa is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. It is also known as the hand of Fatima. In silver and gold, it is said to bring good luck to the wearer. Women and girls of all ages can be seen wearing this symbol, said to bring the wearer luck, happiness, health and good fortune.

Gold Chamseh Pendant or Charm

Legend of the Sand Dollar


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Sand Dollar Jewelry

The Legend of the Sand Dollar
While the Sand Dollar is one of the most widely known and popular of all shells, few are aware of the pretty little legend attached to it.

Legend has it that these strange shells tell the story of Christ’s suffering and his glory.

The five holes represent the five wounds of Christ. On the front the Easter Lily-it’s center, a five pointed star representing the Star of Bethlehem which led the shepherds from afar. On the back the outline of the Christmas Poinsettia reminds us of His birthday. When the shell is broken open, five Doves of Peace and Good Will appear.

Because of this religious legend, this fascinating creature of the sea is often referred to as the Holy Ghost Shell.

Sand Dollar Jewelry

Sand Dollar Jewelry

14k gold sand dollar jewelry are great gifts.  From earrings and necklaces to charms and pendants we love these.  There is a beautiful story associated with sand dollars:

Victorian Bracelet Slides are Rich in Tradition


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Mix and Match Slides

Victorian Bracelet Slides are a combination of design and gemstones which are interchangeable with a basic cable bracelet.  Hundreds of unique slide styles and an endless assortment of colors make slide bracelets versatile.  You can change the look of your jewelry for an occasion and create new traditions ear after year.

What are Slide Bracelets? Slide bracelets are composed of “starter” or cable bracelets adorned with diamond and gemstones slides.  The slides are interchangeable and can easily be added or removed for different looks.  They can be used as luxurious fashion statements or to create treasured heirlooms, passed as a living history from family member to family member..

There are many, many styles of slides.  Our slides are all designed to be worn vertically or horizontally, adding to the uniqueness of your bracelet.  Many of our designs are inspired by Victorian elegance.  Some feature more contemporary designs utilizing exotic gems such as tsavorite garnet and black diamonds!  We have also added white gold styles so you may create a two-tone bracelet.

Where did slide bracelets originate? During the Victorian Era (1837 to early 1900′s) smaller watches and wrist watches were beginning to be produced and the heavy hunting case watches started to become more of an ornamental item.  Successful businessmen would display their wealth with the luxurious jewelry their wives wore, thus the women would adorn themselves with the hunting case watches, wearing them as necklaces.

Women would add decorative “slides” to their necklace chain.  The “watch slide” was used to shorten or lengthen the necklace by sliding it up or down.  Watch Slides were jeweled, engraved and ornate pieces of jewelry fashioned from designs of old watch fobs.

After the Victorian Era, in the 1930s, women and antique enthusiasts began to collect these watch slides from family heirlooms and estate sales.  They would cut the necklace chain and string the slide on a double strand gold chain bracelet. The slides are drilled with four holes so the two strands of chain can pass through them. Each slide was stuffed with cork on the inside around the chain so it would hold the slide in place on the chain.  Slides were added until the bracelet was filled and complete. These were called “Watch Slide Bracelets.”  Each bracelet was a unique piece of jewelry.  Each slide was a different shape and was set with different popular and precious gemstones.  *Modern bracelets do not use cork, as cork has to be replaced frequently.  And many slides are separated or held in place with spacers.  The spacers fit between the slides, holding them in place.

When did slide bracelets become popular again? To collector’s, slide bracelets have always been “popular.”  No two bracelets are alike and each slide represents the piece of someone’s history.  In the 1990′s there was a resurgence of popularity among jewelry enthusiasts.  Slides and Slide Bracelets became very popular.  There are thousands of styles and sizes to choose from.  From Victorian inspired slides to contemporary designs using unusual gems, slide bracelets allow one to create their own heirloom or family tradition.  The completed bracelets today rival the luxurious designs of the first slide bracelets.

Where to begin? A starter slide bracelet makes a wonderful gift for anyone!  It is a one-of-a-kind item that grows with the receiver!  Slide bracelets have become traditions in many families.


Snow Days

It may be snowing outside but we are happy to be at work.  I’m wearing on of my favorite ribbon designs that we created years ago.  WOW, can’t believe it has been that long.  This year we came out with 4 new styles that we hope everyone loves as much as we do.  Have a great day out there.


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